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10 Ways You Can Be Brilliant with the Fall Product Program!

Be Brilliant SHINE ON

Learn 5 Essential Skills
The Fall Product Program is a great introduction to running a business. When girls participate they earn more than just patches and rewards, they get hands-on experience to help them be successful in the future (the 5 Skills aren't just for cookies).

 Goal Settings


 Money management

 People skills

 Business ethics

 Earn Awesome Rewards
Girls love getting the rewards as much as we love giving them. Great patches, a jumbo flip flop pool float, Bluetooth speakers, jewelry, GSWCF council credits, snorkel sets, trail backpacks, Swatch Watches, and even a chance to design a personalized Koala patch! Here’s a sneak peek as this year’s swag:

 Start building troop funds NOW
It’s a long time until we kickoff our 2017 cookie program and there is too much cool stuff to do right now. The average troop earns nearly $350 in start-up money to fund troop activities to get their year started right! Help your troop earn money to buy supplies, pay membership fees and do community service projects. This is your chance to make this the best year ever in Girl Scouts!

 Sweet New Additions 
We have sixteen products on the girl paper order card through Ashdon Farms including a new Girl Scout Tin with Mint Treasures, a Snowman Holiday Tin with Chocolate Covered Pretzels and a 16 oz jar of Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts. We can’t wait to taste all these yummy treats!

 Easy Online Sale 
Signing up for the online sale is easy. Starting October 1 there will be a link on the homepage at where girls can register and set up their online site to offer a wide variety of popular magazines, photo keepsakes and nut/candy items. Girls can easily share the link to their online site and sell to family and friends near and far (delivery charges apply). Plus, all online sales will be automatically entered in the girl’s nut-E record. This is a great way to increase sales in addition to the paper orders.

 All Girl Scouts Can Participate! 
Not in a Troop? Or in a Troop not participating? You can still be involved!
Any Girl Scout can earn rewards and receive council credits from participating in the Fall Product Program. To get started, please contact your troop fall product program manager or email us

Important Dates to Remember… 

  • September 16
    Fall Product Program begins with paper nut/candy order card
  • October 1
    Online magazines, photo keepsakes and online nut sale begins
  • October 19
    Fall Product Program ends for both paper order card and online
  • November 12 – 14
    Nut/candy deliveries occur to assigned Service Units

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! 

If you have questions concerning participation in the Fall Product Program, contact the product sales team at