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Girl Scout Cookie Preorder Selling Tips

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It’s the sweetest time of the year, Girl Scout cookie time! When you sell Girl Scout Cookies you are contributing the largest girl-led business in the world. This program has inspired generations of girls to grow up to become business leaders in our country and around the world. Who knows where you will go with the 5 Skills you learn from selling cookies!

We want you all to be successful and have fun this cookie season. To ensure you do just that, today we are sharing a few simple tips to help you during the Cookie Presale. Whether you’re a ‘Cookie Rookie’ selling for the very first time or an Ambassador getting ready for high school graduation, these tips will help you over the next few of weeks.

Practice makes perfect
Before you go out into the world with your cookie order sheet in hand, practice your sales pitch. Sit down with your mom or dad and pretend to sell cookies. Your customers are going to ask you questions. This is the best time to rehearse your answers and you won’t be caught off guard. Familiarize yourself with the cookie line up so you can describe each different flavor.

Leave no stone unturned
Everyone is a potential new customer and the only way to find out if they want to purchase cookies is to ask. Make a list of everyone you know. Give them a call or ask in-person next time you see them. Brainstorm places you can bring your order form. If you’re going to a business or school ask for permission to sell.

Build customer loyalty
Look back at your cookie sheet from last year. Be sure to ask everyone who placed orders before if they would like to repeat their purchases. Personalize your deliveries with handmade thank you notes. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and they will be more likely to purchase again in the future.

*Knock Knock* Nobody’s home?
While you’re out selling door to door throughout the neighborhood, chances are a few of your neighbors might not be home. Let them know you stopped by but they haven’t missed out on their chance to order cookies by leaving a note or flyer at their door. Keep track of which houses you missed and try again another time. If you don’t catch them during the presale to place an order, try them again when you have cookies in hand.

Making the world a better place one box of cookies at a time
Many Girl Scout troops use cookie money to fund Take Action projects and give back to their community. Tell your customers what you did with last year’s money and what your plans are for this year. Their cookie purchase can go on to help others.

Take your Girl Scout to work day
Ask your parents if you can come to work with them one or two days during the presale. Stop by before or after school in your Girl Scout uniform and go office to office selling cookies. It’s like going door to door but climate controlled. Why stop with just your parents’ offices? Ask your aunts, uncles, grandparents or family friends if you can sell at their place of business as well.

This could be your lucky day
Increase your sales by encouraging your customers to purchase 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for a chance to win 5 cases (60 boxes) of cookies. Most people love the thrill and possibility of winning something. A perfect example is the most recent Powerball lottery getting up to $1.5 billion. Luckily, the odds of winning the 5 for 5 raffle is much better than the lottery. Plus the more boxes they buy, the better chance they have to win!

You can still support Girl Scouts without ruining your diet
Many people set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or may have dietary restrictions for health reasons. To avoid temptations, they might not be too keen to make a purchase when you ask. Explain the Gift of Caring program and how they can still support Girl Scouts and our military with their donation. Also, if someone has a gluten allergy or sensitivity, tell them about the Toffee-Tastic gluten-free cookie. While it's not on the order form, it will be available at your cookie booth.

Order now to guarantee the cookies you love
Thin Mint is the most popular flavor and Samoas come in a close second. Sometimes certain cookies sell out quickly at cookie booths. Let your customers know, if they order from you they will be guaranteed their favorite cookies before the cookie booths even open.

Cookies Freeze Well
Remind your customers that cookies are only available for a limited time and they should stock up their freezers with a few extra boxes of cookies. Besides, some customers prefer to eat their cookies frozen. Giveaway zip-top freezer bags as an incentive for purchasing extra cookies. Also, mention the 5 for 5 promotion.

Set your goals and surpass them
Do you have a specific sales goal you want to reach? Are you trying to break last year’s record? Share how many boxes you want to sell and why. We have lots of girls each year that earn Cookie Dough to go to Girl Scouts Summer Camp. We also have troops that save their earnings for big trips, activities and special programs. What kind of fun do you have planned?  

We hope these tips help you during the cookie presale. We can't wait to hear all about your adventures selling cookies this year. Good luck, we know you all are going to do a stellar job!

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