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What's New in the Fall Product Program?


We’re just 2 weeks away from the start of our Fall Product Program! Today, we’re giving you a preview of the new Ashdon Farms products added to the order card. PLUS, we’re giving you a glimpse of the awesome rewards you and your troop can earn by participating.

Mint Treasures in Girl Scout Tote Tin
Are you a Thin Mint lover? Get your minty chocolatey fix to hold you over until cookie season. Best of all, this collectable tin is the perfect place to keep all of your Girl Scout treasures.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels in Snowman Tin
Mmm sweet, salty and crunchy! Just in time for the holiday season, this collectable snowman tin is the perfect gift for your teacher!

Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps with Sea Salt
This decadent piece of dark chocolate is filled with gooey caramel. These flavors are enhanced with sea salt sprinkled on top.

Black Forest Trail Mix
This is not your ordinary camping trail mix! It features almonds, peanuts, cashews, filberts, dried cranberries and our favorite, dark chocolate mini cups!

Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix
This might sound nutty, but this mix is more than just pretzel pieces it also features honey roasted and honey mustard cashews and almonds!

In addition to these new items, your order card has 10 more treats you might remember from last year ranging in price from $5.50 to $8.50. We’re stoked to get our hands on the Peanut Butter Bears and Dulce De Leche Owls – they’re not only delicious, they’re super adorable too.

Other items available include: Whole Cashews, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Chocolate Covered Raisins, Almond Cran-Orange Crunch, English Butter Toffee, Deluxe Pecan Clusters, Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins and Fruit Slices.

Don’t forget, beginning Oct. 1, you can also set up your online site to offer a wide variety of popular magazines, photo keepsakes and more nut/candy items. This is the perfect way to sell to your friends and family near and far (delivery charges apply).


Now, let’s set some goals!
Here are just a few of our favorite rewards you can earn by participating in the Fall Product Program. Check out the backside of your order card for a complete list of this year’s rewards. Plus rewards are cumulative which means when you pick your reward, you also get a something from each level below it. We just love all of these giraffe themed items, don’t you?

Nuts/Candy (Paper & Online) Order Rewards

Magazine/Photo Keepsake Order Rewards

Other rewards you can earn:

  • Top selling girl from each service united will receive a mystery reward!
  • Create and earn your own Giraffe patch by having at least $150 in online sales (magazine/photo keepsake/nut/candy)

Hey Troop Leaders! These troop bonus offers are for you…

Online Magazine/Photo Keepsake Order Bonus
If the troop has sales of 30 or more online Magazine and/or Photo Keepsake orders, it earns a bonus of a $100 Gift Certificate for anything at GSWCF!

Nut/Candy Paper and Online Order Bonus
If the troop sells 400 or more Nut/Candy items, the troop will earn a bonus of a $150 Gift Certificate for anything at GSWCF!

Troop Goal Achiever
If the troop has a Per Girl Average (PGA) of 2 Online Magazine/Photo Keepsake orders and 25 Nut/Candy items, each participating girl will receive the Goal Achiever Patch!

Important Dates to Remember

  • Paper orders runs from Sept. 18 through Oct. 19 - 2 weeks longer 
  • Online order runs from Oct. 1 through Oct. 19 

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
If you have questions concerning participation in the Fall Product Program, contact the product sales team at .