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MediaGirlz Meet Rose at iHeartMedia


The MediaGirlz are at it again! We have two guest bloggers, Lily and Samantha, sharing their recent MediaGirlz experience at iHeartMedia in Tampa. They were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the radio studios and got up close and personal with Rose from The Kane Show.

Lily C., Girl Scout Cadette from North Redington Beach

On Thursday, June 18, the Girl Scout MediaGirlz went to the iHeartMedia Station in Tampa! If you’re not familiar with the MediaGirlz, we’re a group of Girl Scouts who get AWESOME opportunities to be interviewed, go on radio and news station tours, learn from experts and more.

At iHeartMedia, we got to meet Rose from The Kane Show, which goes from 6:00-10:00 a.m. on 93.3 FLZ. First, she talked to us about what made her want to get into broadcasting and radio.  She told us that she never really knew what she wanted to do as her job for a while. As she started to think about it more, she realized that radio would be really fun! So, she worked REALLY hard for the job she wanted. When she first started, she worked three jobs. While she wasn’t working at the other two, she would be working at the radio station. Rose told us to do what we love, and we’ll never work a day in our lives, meaning that if we do what we want to do, it won’t even feel like we’re working.  

        We went on to take a tour of the all the studios. There were so many channel varieties like pop, rock, talk stations and more. We met a lot of people who worked on air and behind the scenes. We saw the process of putting different songs on, answering calls and playing sounds on the radio while you’re talking. I loved this experience. Now, I kind of want to look into the ‘on air’ side of the radio as a job. I love being in MediaGirlz, and having such great opportunities like this one!

Samantha S., Girl Scout Ambassador from Clearwater

Recently, five of the Girl Scout MediaGirlz, including myself, got the chance to visit the iHeartMedia Station in Tampa. When we arrived, we were greeted by Kim Cusmano, Senior Marketing and Promotions Director, and taken into their live entertainment room. There is where they host private shows with musicians for contest winners.  Here, we were introduced to Rose from The Kane Show which airs on 93.3 FLZ every morning. She explained how she got involved in radio when she was twenty-years-old. She started off in a low paid internship and worked as much as possible to get her name out there and expand her knowledge of the radio media industry. Working in radio was Rose’s dream job and she said that it doesn’t even feel like she is at work when she is on the air. She even gets to wear her pajamas to work sometimes! I thought it was pretty interesting to learn about all the technology that goes behind producing their show. For instance, she is the only one on The Kane Show that broadcasts from the Tampa studio, everyone else lives in Washington D.C.

After meeting Rose, we were given a tour around all of the different radio stations housed by iHeartMedia. We visited News Radio 970 WFLA, Mix 100.7, 93.3 FLZ, 95.7 The Beat, US 103.5, 98 Rock, Sports Radio 920 AM WDAE, and 1250 AM Impact Radio. We spoke with a man named Jeff who was in charge of sound for News Radio 970 WFLA, and he allowed us to work with the sound board and get a better look of what goes on behind-the-scenes of many radio stations.

I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to gain knowledge on yet another field of media. It was awesome getting to talk with Rose and learn how she started in radio. Touring, visiting, and learning about all of these different sources of media has given me a better idea of what I want to pursue when I get older. I am so happy that I can take part in the MediaGirlz team and can’t wait for what is to come.

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