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MediaGirlz at Tampa Bay Storm Game

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Today we are featuring two guest bloggers from the MediaGirlz team, Samantha S. and Miranda B., as they give a glimpse of what it is like to be a Girl Scout MediaGirl. Recently, the MediaGirlz took an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football game. This wasn’t your typical trip to Amalie Arena – 12 MediaGirlz were given the opportunity to go on the field, visit the Lightning Vision Control Room, meet key staff members, and were even featured on the big screen!

Samantha S., Girl Scout Senior from Clearwater

This past Friday, June 12, 2015, some of my fellow MediaGirlz and I were given the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at a Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football game. We were first brought on the field where we watched staff get everything ready, were able to speak with some of the coaches, managers and even Derek Brooks! After this, we met Greg, Arena Host/Emcee, he’s was in charge of pumping up the crowd and organizing the activities during the game. He explained to us how everything was scheduled down to the second and everyone had to work together throughout the game.

Next, we got the chance to talk to a Samantha, Digital and Social Coordinator, who works with all of the social media aspects for the home teams at Amalie Arena – Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Storm. It was getting closer to the start of the game, so we were brought back to the sidelines to watch the players run out of the locker room and on to the field for practice and warm up.

For our next stop, we were brought up to the Lightning Vision Control Room where they are in charge of all the graphics and video played at any point during the game. They explained how this job can become very tedious at times if one of the computers stops working or even if the something changes in the game. By this time the game had just begun and we returned to our seats until right before halftime.

Lastly, we were taken up to a booth that held the music station and to meet John, VP of Game Presentation, he makes sure that everyone does their job and that the show is moving on time and efficiently. While up in this booth, we were given the chance to dance on the big screen and even hit a button to set off a lightning bolt when the Storm scored a touchdown.

I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to attend this football game. I was able to learn so much about the sports media field and what a fast paced job it can be. It was almost as if they were putting on a production while the game was going on; making sure that everything was on time and everyone did their job correctly. Without being on the MediaGirlz team, I would have never been able to have an opportunity quite like this.

Through MediaGirlz, I have done things such as speaking in front of a large crowd, touring news stations, and being part of amazing events such as Women of Distinction. I have gained so much knowledge on the different jobs and aspects of the media field and MediaGirlz has broadened my interest. Not only have I learned all about media, but I have also gotten the chance to meet some amazing people in the industry. I am very excited for what is ahead this next year and I can’t wait to be a part of so many more things with the MediaGirlz Team.

Miranda B., Girl Scout Cadette from Wimauma

Many people love watching NFL football; however, I have recently become a fan of the Arena Football League. I have never been a huge football fan, just someone who watched a few games because I had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon. Arena football and more specifically the Tampa Bay Storm, had me actively cheering and engaged throughout the entire game. The game is fast-paced, and also offers a unique experience for kids of all age levels and the atmosphere is just as lively. I was reluctant at first to go, I admit, but once I realized what the game was about I knew that I would have the time of my life and my experience proved me right.

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