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How to Buy Cookies


A message from a Girl Scout...

You probably know how tasty Girl Scout cookies are, but if you're like a lot of people I know, you may not realize how important the experience of selling them is to me and my team of Girl Scouts. Selling cookies helps us learn a bunch of stuff that we'll need to become successful leaders, things like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – skills we need in everyday life. But that experience won’t happen without you.

This year, we decided to make a guide on how you should buy cookies. It’s more than you handing us money for a box – or four – of cookies. It’s about helping us learn how to reach our full potential. Thanks in advance.

Say hi.
“Hello” and a smile gets everything off on the right foot! It builds our confidence and is basically the greatest conversation starter ever.

Look me in the eye.
Some of us may seem a little shy, but that’s just because we don’t know you yet. It’s not easy talking to people you don’t know or asking people to trust you – but that’s what we’re learning to do. Making eye contact says “hey, we see each other, we respect each other – and we’re ready to do business.”

Let me know if you’re a Girl Scout.
There are a lot of Girl Scouts out there, everywhere. Over 2 million of us. So definitely tell us if you’re a Girl Scout, and tell us how being a Girl Scout has helped you become who you are. It means a lot to us, seeing what we can become.

Please don’t call us cute.
We know we’re cute, but selling cookies is real. We’re learning how to run a business. We want you to buy cookies because you want them and respect what we’re learning, not because of our nice haircut or uniform. We’re running the largest girl-led business in the world. That’s not cute – that’s incredible.

Ask about our inventory.
You probably have a favorite (I sure do), but we have a lot of cookies to tell you about. It’s part of my responsibility to explain what we have and then make sure you get exactly what you ordered.

Ask where the money goes.
Our team decides where our money goes. It’s amazing to see all the great things we can do with what we earn. Some groups use the proceeds to go on new adventures, to new places, or to support causes they care about. So definitely ask us.

Let’s talk money.
When you hand us money, it’s about more than making change. We learn how to set up a budget and track money, and how money can do a lot of good in the world.

Ask us why we’re Girl Scouts.
Everyone joins for a different reason, but we all make great friends and accomplish things we wouldn’t otherwise. Our leadership awards and skill-building badges prove it.

Ask me about 5 for 5.
We have this awesome promotion that started last year where you can win 5 whole cases of cookies – that’s 60 boxes! We love seeing how happy customers are at the chance to win some more cookies, we would be too! Ask me how.

Let us know how we did.
Selling cookies is hard work, and it’s a new thing for a lot of us. Feedback helps us get better and grow into leaders.

Thanks. A lot!