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Her Vision of Tomorrow Update

Her Future Outdoors CONCEPTS2

On Nov. 14, we completed Phase 1 of the Long Range Program and Properties process when all three sub-committees of the Task Force came together to share initial findings from piles of data, surveys, research, statistics, projections and trends. We are preparing an Executive Summary of the reports and are excited to share that out in the coming weeks.

Before we look ahead at what is to come in Phase 2, we want to thank everyone who has devoted their time, expertise and analytical minds to get us started on our path. Our full team of all-stars includes volunteers, board members, community experts and staff, and we want to thank them for all they’ve done up to this point. Thanks to Sarah Abels, Sherry Bagley, Jimmy Barringer, Darryl Behensky, Rebecca Brown, Rebecca Davis, Cammie Dennis, Melissia Gauthreaux, Charlene Gunn, Felicia Harvey, Tiffany Hoblit, Jennie Jordan, Sarah Kessler, Elton Lackey, Tyson Lykes III, Lynne Mantz, Alison Martin, Maura McCallister, Renee Murch, Jessica Muroff, Mark Nusekabel, Mags Oldman, Julie Perrelli Terri Reese, Cheri Riley, Jeanne Smith, Megan Snyder, Doug Stone, Lavinia Vaughn, Shannon Waters, Beth Weinstein, Laura Welborn, Kristin Whitaker, and Joanne Wolf. They have all done their part in guiding us towards a plan that promotes the mission of Girl Scouts through engaging and vital program delivery, and will best use our properties to meet the program needs of today's girls.

As we embark on Phase 2, we look forward to using this solid foundation to bring Her Vision of Tomorrow to life. Look for more updates as we work towards our ultimate goal of a final plan in May/June of 2016.