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Her Vision of Tomorrow Update

Her Future Outdoors CONCEPTS2

Her Vision of Tomorrow, led by the GSWCF Program and Property Task Force, is in full swing! Earlier this year, the task force launched with the goal of fully assessing our programs and properties and looking for ways to enhance the Girl Scout experience with relevant, fun activities that girls will always remember.

And boy [should we say And girl?], have they been busy!

Check out some recent photos of groups working.

Task force members have taken tours of properties, held work sessions and spent countless hours collecting and analyzing data. Back in May, Girl Scouts, volunteers, troop leaders and parents were all asked to participate in online surveys regarding our current programs and properties. The feedback shared in those surveys as well as statistical data, population trends and industry best practices have all been reviewed to gain insight on how programs and properties are currently being utilized and suggestions on how to innovate for the future.

We’ll be sharing more over the next several months as the process continues. Keep checking right here for updates and visit the Her Vision of Tomorrow page to stay up to date on this important initiative.