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Give like a Girl Scout

Monthly Message

It is that time of year. That time of year when we are exchanging gifts for the many holidays we celebrate in the month of December. I love giving gifts. I love giving gifts far greater than I enjoy receiving them.  I try to instill in my girls the importance of giving. And, I’m talking about giving more than just gifts. I talk to them about giving their time, their talents, and their treasure.

I’m inspired by our girls and volunteers as they give their time, talents, and treasure to Girl Scouts each day. Here are some of the ways I’ve seen our Girl Scouts give that we can all learn from:

Give the gift of your time.
As many of you know, one of my life’s mottos is “be present.” There is little in this world these days that is more important than giving time. Put away your phones and other electronics. Make an effort to spend time with those you love. Our volunteers and parents give so much of their time to Girl Scouts and being positive role models as our girls grow. They see giving their time to Girl Scouts as a great opportunity to spend quality time with their daughters and girls in our community.

Give the gift of your service.
So many are in need every day of the year, but especially during the holidays. Give the gift of your time in service to one of your favorite charities. Make it a family experience! Girl Scouts partner with numerous community organizations in service. Last month, it was great to see our partnership with the St. Petersburg Toastmaster’s developing the leadership skills of girls through public speaking.

Give the gift of your talent.
I am a creative person and I have tried to show my girls that gifts don’t need to be something bought, they can be something made. Some of my very favorite gifts I’ve ever received were ones thoughtfully handmade by friends and my girls. Our Girl Scouts give so much of their talents in their communities. I’m inspired by their efforts to give their talents to create positive change

Give the gift of your kindness.
Kindness costs us nothing, but delivers great reward. We all feel the rush and business of the holiday season. Going out of your way to spread kindness can be contagious and brighten someone’s day. Make it a point to have patience, give compliments, send a note of gratitude, or give a hug! Girl Scouts spread kindness everywhere. It was especially great to see the amount of food donated for our Fill the Van Food Drive!

Give the gift of your smile.
Research shows that there are many benefits to smiling. Did you know that it is also nearly impossible for someone not to smile back! We are wired to connect and spreading smiles simply spread joy to ourselves and others. Make it a point to wear your beautiful smile. Seeing the smiles on the faces of our girls makes my day! If you ever need a little smile inspiration, just hum one of my favorite Girl Scout songs - Brownie Smile Song. It is sure to put a great big smile across your face!

Give the gift of your love.
At the end of the day, what we all need more in our lives each day is love. Ensuring that you are sharing and expressing your appreciation for those you love is probably the most important thing you can do. It is your greatest gift.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season! As we wrap up 2015 let’s make the final days of the year full of peace, love, and happiness. Give the gift of you!

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