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The Secret Behind Girl Scouts’ Success

Monthly Message

I've been lucky to spend many of my first days at the Council getting to know the individuals who make our tremendous work happen. I've spent time with our team at the Leadership Center and camp properties, our board of directors, our donors, our girls, our alumnae, and some of the most incredible people: our volunteers.

Our volunteers represent many diverse women and men, though they all have one thing at the core of their heart: developing the leadership potential of girls. They believe so strongly in the power of our programs and work passionately to deliver them to girls in our communities. They inspire me!

I've heard about their camping experiences, troop meetings, struggles trying to juggle it all, and their terrific suggestions on how we can better serve them. I’ve visited their leadership team meetings, service learning projects, and events. I understand the commitment they make each day and hear about the joy they receive from being a part of our movement.

Our volunteers have the incredible power to influence. Here are just a few of the outstanding programs and projects our talented volunteers have been working on:

  • Debbie Smyth created a video about what being a troop leader does for her relationship with her daughter.
  • The Boca Ciega community is currently sponsoring an 8 week-long youth leadership program to teach high school scouts a wide range of life skills such as public speaking, self-defense, business writing, safe driving, and healthy eating and exercise.
  • Polk County volunteers are hosting “Happiness is Being Included” Disability Awareness Expo on November 21.
  • Just last week, Sunset Scouts staged a “Put a Stop to Bullying” event featuring a local police officer who taught the girls how to stop bullying from happening in their schools and communities.

I'm grateful for their dedication. It is because of our volunteers that we are able to serve more than 19,000 girls in our communities. And, our volunteers are some of the most committed, creative and giving kind there are. For some, like me, Girl Scouts has been a part of their family for multiple generations. For many others, they know that Girl Scouts gives their girls tools and skills to grow to be incredible women one day. From career moms, stay-at-home moms, dads, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and simply those who believe in girls, our volunteers know how to make a difference.

Becoming a Girl Scout volunteer is incredibly fulfilling. I can see it in the faces and hear it in the words of our volunteers. Want to learn more on how to do it? Click here

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