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Girl Scouts of all ages Take Action


When Girl Scouts Take Action there is no end to what they can accomplish! We love to hear stories about what our girls are doing right in their own communities and beyond. Brownie Troop 30893 from the Tierra Del Sol community set out on a mission to help conserve water by completing the Wonders of Water Journey. 

It all began in October, when the troop met with their school principal and discussed their ideas for a water conservation campaign at Learning Gate Community School.  The girls wanted to educate fellow students and teachers on the importance of saving water. With the school administration’s approval, they developed the “Turn It OFF” campaign and hung posters at each of the school’s 60 water faucets. 

Next, the girls created a second poster which said “Pledge for the Plant. I promise to save water by…” Each person that took the pledge signed a piece of paper in the shape of a water drop, wrote how they planned to save water and put it on the poster. Their conservation efforts inspired over 600 students, teachers and local citizens to take the pledge. The poster, covered in hundreds of water drops, is on display in the lunchroom at their school as a constant reminder.

In April, the troop participated in EcoFest at Lowry Park Zoo. They helped kick off the event on stage and were presented with the Global Action Award by a representative from Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s office for completing the Wonders of Water Journey.

During the event, the girls hosted an activity to promote healthy eating and upcycling.  GoGo squeeZ donated 1,000 of their applesauce pouches for the girls to hand out. Using the empty pouches, the troop taught children an upcycling planting activity and everyone was able to take home a bean plant.

Wanting to make a global impact with their efforts, the girls are working to raise $500 for Charity Water Project, to help others in need of clean water internationally.  The campaign ends on June 30, 2015 and so far the troop has raised $170.

 “Their Wonders of Water Journey was an amazing journey that really taught these girls the reasons we are saving water, why clean water is so important and helped educate others about how they can do something at home to start making a difference,” shared troop leader Marisa Langford.

Along the way, this Brownie troop earned several badges which include an Earth Day patch, camping, painting, recycling, healthy eating, gardening and more. We are so proud of everything these girls accomplished this year. They are well on their way to earning their very own Gold Award one day!

Do you have a story to share about your troop? We want to hear it!

Want to learn more about water conservation this summer? Brownie and Daisy girls are invited to attend WOW! Wonders of Water Overnight Camp