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Girl Scouts' Night at the Ballpark


Hello, my name is Lexi and I recently went to the Girl Scouts’ Night at the Clearwater Threshers baseball game. During this event I got to go into the press box to see where all the broadcasting action takes place and walk on the field before the game. Even though the game was delayed because of rain, it was still a really fun night with Girl Scouts watching the Clearwater Threshers take on the Jacksonville Hammerheads.

I was interested in going to the Threshers game because I wanted to personally see how sports’ broadcasting is done. The Clearwater Threshers announcers, Kristen Karbach and Josh Appel, met with the MediaGirlz to teach us some new things about broadcasting. Did you know that even during a rain delay, broadcasters still have to broadcast or play music to entertain the people listen? They even have their own rain delay playlist!

Josh Appel showed us his spiral notebook – which wasn’t an ordinary notebook – it was specifically used to keep and record the count, score and inning count for the game. It also has all the stats for every player on both teams.  During the game they shared this information live on the air. The press box was a medium size room that had a wall of windows looking out to see the whole field, most of the stadium, the big screen, score board and bullpen.

Getting to walk on the field was even better! I was part of a group of Girl Scouts that was invited onto the field. When we lined up the announcers called our names and everybody in the stadium started clapping for the Girl Scouts. This was definitely an experience to remember.

Being a part of Girl Scouts’ MediaGirlz has given me a better understanding of the different ways that news is shared. These types of experiences have helped me with school, Girl Scout events and even with my future career choice. When I grow up, I would like to be a professional soccer player. If I’m ever interviewed during a press conference, I can use my prior knowledge from meeting sports broadcasters and journalists to help me.

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