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7 Reasons to be a Girl Scout Early Bird


Well, it is that time of year again.  Summer is dawning and troops are preparing for year-end activities like bridge and awards, while looking forward to a fun summer (perhaps, with lots of camping!) Fall seems like a long time away, but it will be here sooner than you think making this the perfect time to renew for another year of fun times in Girl Scouts with friends.

The 2015-16 Girl Scout year begins on October 1 and we’ve got seven great reasons why you should be an Early Bird and renew before June 30.

1. You Get a Special Patch:
All girls who register between April 15 and June 30 get our commemorative Early Bird patch to sport proudly all year long on their vest, sash or tunic.

2. But wait, There’s more…
The patch is only the tip of the incentive iceberg. You also have the chance to win a free ticket to the K-5 GS Fest or, for girls in grades 6-12, a VIP pass and SWAG bag to the special Girl Scout Older Girl kick-off event. Leaders have several chances to win gift cards and program incentives. You troop could even get a STEM party exclusively for them.

3. You can turbocharge your Fall Product Sale
By registering your troop during Early Bird, you can get added bonuses when you participate in the Fall Product Sale. This includes GSWCF gift certificates for the whole troop to enjoy and a Macy’s gift card for the leaders.

4. It makes life easier for Troop Leaders
Troop Leaders get to head into the summer knowing whether their girls will be back in the fall and can begin looking forward to more adventure together. Or if they have some openings in the troop, they can offer spots for new girls ready to have the experience of their young lives. You’ll be able to hit the ground running once the new year begins.

5. Parents get some benefits as well
By renewing now, parents get to make sure their daughter(s) will be right back in the same troop come fall by securing their spot. Plus, it will be one less item on your very full list when fall arrives and you’re deep in back-to-school mode.

6. Start looking forward to another year’s worth of fun
Renew now and you free your mind to start thinking of all the things to come. Rock climbing. Horseback riding. Encampments. STEM Saturdays. Animal encounters. Singing, dancing, running, laughing. We’re putting the finishing touches on these events and so much more for our 2016 program year calendar.

7. It’s oh, so easy
If you haven’t used our online renewal feature, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s quick and easy to renew your entire troop in one shot. But don’t just take our word for it. Troop leader Debbie Pollock recently posted this on our Facebook page, “Thanks for a much easier and speedier process this year! Only took a few minutes to do renewal.”

So let’s recap, shall we? As a Girl Scout Early Bird VIP you’ll earn flare for your uniform, have a chance to get cool bonus rewards, give your Fall Product Sale a boost, and spend the summer relaxing and dreaming of all the fun, exciting, adventurous, sensational activities you, your troop and family get to enjoy. Now isn’t that a pretty sweet package deal of awesomeness for our Early Birds?

To renew, visit and click the “Sign in” link at the top of the page to login to your Member Profile. There you’ll find options for renewing individual girl and adult memberships, troop renewal, and new family renewal (where you can renew everyone in your family with just a few clicks!). You can visit our Early Bird Renewal page for more details.