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5 Camp Songs Every Girl Scout Should Know

Camp Songs 1

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Troop Camping season is finally upon us! We just opened our online Troop Camping Reservations system for 2015-2016. Now is the time to start preparing your next outdoor adventure at Girl Scout camp. Remember camp dates fill up quick; don’t miss out on this time-honored Girl Scout tradition.

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While many are loading up their overnight bags, preparing their favorite fireside snacks, and picking out their favorite swimsuits, we’re all about the camp songs that’ll be ringing in the air all week long. To prepare our campers for the ultimate sing-along session, we asked our Facebook audience for the best Girl Scout camp songs. Here are the Top 5—check them out and see if your favorite is among them.

Oh, and happy singing!

Download the lyrics to Kookaburra here.

Download the lyrics to the Brownie Smile Song here.

Download the lyrics to Linger here.

Download the lyrics to Princess Pat here.

Download the lyrics to Make New Friends here