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Top Ten Reasons to Invite a Friend to Volunteer at Girl Scouts


Here are the top ten reasons to invite a friend to volunteer with Girl Scouts TODAY…

10.  There are LESS THAN 216 hours left to take advantage of the Volunteer Invite-a-Friend offer.

9.  We’re trying to set a new record for onboarding volunteers in a single month! Help us recruit over 20 volunteers this month!

8.  Who doesn’t love SHOPPING FOR GIRL SCOUT GEAR?! During the Volunteer Invite-a-Friend offer, when you invite a friend to volunteer with us, you’ll get a $50 coupon code to use at Girl Scouts’ Official Online Store.

7.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have ONE MORE Girl Scout sister to share that box of Thin Mints with? As you count cookie money, of course…

6.  There are nearly 18,000 Girl Scouts at Girl Scouts of West Central Florida… and another 30,000 girls nationwide who CAN’T WAIT to be Girl Scouts. Let’s get these girls involved in the ah-mazing activities we offer today!

5.  Remember that time you sang silly Girl Scout songs until your girls got the giggles? EVERYONE could use some more giggles in their lives!

4.  Picture your favorite Girl Scout memory. Maybe when it’s the time one of your Daisies realized that swimming wasn’t so scary with her Girl Scout sisters around… or maybe it’s the moment that your Junior found her voice and stood up to peer pressure… or maybe when you realized that without YOU, those moments may not have happened. Don’t you want to invite a friend to make even more of these moments happen?

3.  “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold…” Need we say more?

2.  Volunteering with girls is like discovering the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! Girl giggles, silly stories, new experiences, and breaking out of your comfort zone keep you forever young! 

1.   Before you came along, your girls were waiting for someone to be their role model. There are girls still waiting for that role model to come along. Invite a friend to make a difference in these girls’ lives today!

It's easy - tell us you recruited someone at to qualify for the fun prizes for you and a friend!

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