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MediaGirlz Guest Blog Post: Social Media Lessons from the Tampa Bay Storm


On May 24, seven members of our council’s MediaGirlz team had the exclusive chance to chat with Greg Wolf, in-game host/emcee for the Tampa Bay Storm, and Caity Kauffman, social media and digital marketing manager for the Tampa Bay Storm, about social media and the important role it plays in providing publicity for a major sports team. The MediaGirlz also had the opportunity to interview two Tampa Bay Storm players – De’Audra Dix and Matt Hardison.

The MediaGirlz each assumed a role during this opportunity, from journalist to photographer/videographer. Following is an account of the experience as prepared by our guest bloggers, MediaGirlz Kadien H. and Sofia H.

Q: What did you learn about social media from this experience?

Kadien: Want to get more followers on Instagram or more likes? Use hashtags (e.g. #TBStorm), that way more people can see what you posted. Post content that appeals to your audience to increase follower quantity. Always be clear on what you are trying to communicate. To gain attention, post a nice quote or cute picture, and always be sure to have a catchy headline.

Sofia: My fellow MediaGirlz and I learned that Storm players and Storm staff use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to attract new fans and connect with current ones. Greg Wolf told us that the Tampa Bay Storm uses social media to announce events, contact fans, and help promote the team in general. The players told us that some of them are able to interact directly with their fans.

Q: De’Audra Dix and Matt Hardison shared a lot, from how they got started in arena football to how they set their own personal goals. What did you find most helpful?

Kadien: The players shared some tips that have helped them to be successful:

  1. Stay calm. If you are all worked up, how can you expect to get anything done?
  2. Think positive. If you’re always negative, what’s stopping you from getting a negative score?
  3. If you’re prepared, there is no reason to be nervous.

For most students, we just got finished with end-of-the-year exams so this is good advice that can be used whenever it’s time to take a test.

Q: How can you relate what you learned about social media from the Tampa Bay Storm to your role as a member of the MediaGirlz team?

Sofia: This experience made me think a little more about the MediaGirlz team and how I, through social media, can share my personal experience. Being part of the MediaGirlz has helped me realize how much I love writing, being on camera, and sharing my experiences with other girls! I promise not to bore you with my normal life but, in just under a year, I have been interviewed on two TV stations, been in the middle of the coin toss for an NFL game, held the flag during the National Anthem at an NHL game, interviewed (we get interviewed a lot) by Radio Disney, and more! I hope by writing this, I can share a piece of what it’s like to be a part of the MediaGirlz team. Maybe I’ll see some of you at the MediaGirlz audition later this year!