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How do you Define Beauty?

"Did you know that six out of ten girls stop doing what they love because they feel bad about the way they look?"

It's a common misconception that beauty is defined solely by physical appearance; after all, beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty can be found in all aspects of your life, - whether it be your thoughts and ideas or a unique birthmark - everyone is beautiful!

Girl Scouts has partnered with WAGGGS and Dove to launch the Free Being Me PSA contest and invites you, alone or with a group of up to five girls, to create a short video PSA urging people to celebrate the qualities that make them unique and beautiful. This is your chance to tell the world what beauty means to you!

How do you get started?
  • Visit the contest page for more information.
  • Not sure how to create a PSA? Not a problem! Watch this video to help you get started!
  • Learn more about the Free Being Me initiative here.
Why participate?

The winner of the Free Being Me PSA contest will win an iPad Air (16GB). Teamwork is always encouraged, so groups of five or less will each be eligible for an iPad!

Give it a try! Submit your PSA to the Free Being Me Facebook Page and spread the word - tell your friends to visit the Facebook page and vote on their favorite PSA!