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GirlSports: Building Leadership Through Fitness


A common misconception in Girl Scouts is that we are all about cookies, camps and crafts. While we love these things – Girl Scouts embodies much more than that! How about leadership, fitness and health? Since the beginning of our organization’s time, Girl Scouts has placed an emphasis on the importance of staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. As they say – healthy girls are happy girls!

In efforts to continue to promote a healthy, active lifestyle - GSUSA has partnered with Nestlé to encourage girls to participate in GirlSports.

What is GirlSports? It is a program designed to promote group and individual sports as an opportunity to gain vital leadership skills. By playing sports girls are doing much more than just being active, they are learning how to lead – whether it’s through a team, group or personal efforts to succeed.

How do we ensure girls are developing leadership skills from GirlSports?

  • We offer five Legacy Athlete badges that, upon completion, signify that girls have built skills ranging from good sportsmanship to effective coaching strategies.
  • Want to create your own path? That’s what leadership is all about! With our Make Your Own Badge option, you can get behind the wheel and customize your own GirlSports badge. Get creative!
  • Stay connected! Girls across the country are taking the lead in their lives through sports and outdoor activities; connect with them!

Getting active through team sports allows girls to break out of their shells and gain confidence. Girls who play sports, even just for fun, make better grades and go to college, develop greater confidence in their own abilities, and even compete in male-dominated career positions, among many other advantages.

These are just a few reasons why getting involved with GirlSports is so important.  Learn more about the program here.