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Four Reasons to Create a Runner

Four Reasons to Create Runners

Although I’m a relatively new runner, I still have learned some important lessons during my time as a marathon mom on the run. One thing I realized early on is the fact that my running inspires my kids to lead active, healthy lifestyles. With that one major component came four important points that makes running the healthiest gift I could give my three children.

Running Builds Confidence

No matter the distance from a fun run 5K to a marathon, there is something so rewarding about the physical and mental endurance it takes to cross the finish line.

No matter how fast or slow of a runner you may be, running only takes moving one foot in front of the other. The simple act of moving forward makes you a runner and the self-determination it takes to finish a race will fill you with such elation and pride. No one but you and your efforts can offer you that self-confidence.

Running Helps Sets Goals

With running comes the need for setting goals, and training for a race takes weeks. Runners select a race and then begin the physical and mental process of training for that race. Whether it’s a new distance or a new PR (personal record) to set, runners constantly try to improve and it’s a noteworthy positive behavior we model for future runners.

Support from Other Runners

There is camaraderie among runners that only other runners know. Whether you are fast or slow, you toe the start line, try your best and your effort is celebrated by an entire community. As parents, it’s the same unconditional support we give our children.

Running is a Life Skill

Running is truly one of the best coping skills. By teaching your children to simply run, you are teaching them a skill that will last a lifetime. With only a pair of shoes and the road before you, you set a course to clear your head and solve the world’s problems or just give yourself some quiet time for reflection. Running is the ultimate “me” time.




Denise Taylor is living life as a mom on the run while attempting to maintain an easy pace between races and raising three children (ages 11, 8, 3). She is the founder of the Tampa Bay Bloggers and RunDMT , and has supported Girl Scouts of West Central Florida’s Thin Mint Sprint and Tagalong Trot for the past two years.

Pre-registration for the 2014 Thin Mint Sprint and Tagalong Trot on Sept. 27 is now closed; however, race day walk-up registration will be available. Race day prices are: $35 - Thin Mint Sprint 5K | $25 - Tagalong Trot 1-mile (cash or check payment only). For more information, please click here