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10 Reasons NOT to Volunteer with Girl Scouts

Repost from Girl Scouts of Central Texas

At Girl Scouts, one of the big reasons girls get to do such awesome things and learn so many amazing skills is because we have great volunteers who are willing to give their time and energy to building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. So, naturally, we’re always encouraging people to volunteer with us.

But not today.

This time, we’re giving you 10 reasons you might want to reconsider volunteering with Girl Scouts:

10. You don’t want your community to improve.

Girl Scouts are encouraged to observe their environment and the people in it to identify problems and to take action to solve them! Bronze, Silver and Gold Award projects serve the communities girls live in and improve the lives of others. You want none of this.


9. You don’t think children are the future.

Extensive studies have shown that Girl Scouting influences academic success as much as, and sometimes more than, non-Girl Scout factors known to impact academics. These are the girls who will be in charge one day! But you're not interested in this at all.


8.  S’mores make you gag.


Your life must be sad. :( 


7. And you HATE cookies.



6. And don’t even start with going on adventures.

Girls' outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts are linked to challenge seeking, problem solving, and environmental leadership. When girls spend time outside regularly, they are much more likely recognize their strengths, be more courageous, and to gain skills that will help them do better in school. How dare we, right?


5. The idea of traveling abroad with some of the coolest girls makes you cringe.

You'd rather stay home and watch reruns of The Love Boat. 


4. You are against girl leadership.

Girls seek challenges in the world. They develop positive attitudes toward learning, seek opportunities for expanding their knowledge and skills, set challenging goals for themselves, and take appropriate risks. Who run the world? That's right--GIRLS.


3. You don’t want to be a better person.

One study found that in fulfilling the need to serve, volunteers feel gratified by the experience and empowered by their ability to effect change-often resulting in an enhanced self-image. You're probably shaking your head now.


2. You don’t think there is still work to be done to level the playing field for girls.

In 2012, female full-time workers made only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 23 percent even though they receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Do you really not see the problem with that?!


1. You hate fun.

Yeah, really--what IS wrong with you?


So there you have it. If any of those reasons resonate with you, then you should join Frowny Pants Scouts.


But if you know girl leadership is the key to a better future for our communities (and the world), and you know that there is no better way to achieve it than by helping girls live out adventures and learn crucial confidence-building skills, the we encourage you to sign up to volunteer with Girl Scouts.