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Sweets & Treats Rally

Participating in Girl Scout Sweets & Treats is a positive learning experience that allows you to learn and utilize five important life skills:  goal-setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. This program is also a great financial tool allowing for troops to fund activities throughout the program year.

Throughout this rally, you'll have fun watching videos and completing activities, all while developing the five skills. Plus, you can earn a FREE Virtual Rally Patch* when you complete our survey at the end of the event! 

Monday: Welcome to the Rally!

We're so excited to welcome you to our 2020 Girl Scout Sweets & Treats Virtual Rally program! Watch this video from VP of Girl Experience, Trish Hemenway, and our Sweets & Treats Sightseeing Sloth, SofÍa!

Tuesday: Goal Setting

Goal setting helps you track your success throughout the Sweets & Treats program. Goal setting starts with thinking carefully about what you want to achieve, includes working hard towards your goal, and ends with celebrating your success. Goal setting builds your self confidence, helps you make better decisions, and gives you motivation to achieve your goal.

Watch this video from last year's top seller to hear her advice on making this Sweets & Treats the best one yet. Then, complete the Goal Setting Activity to set your troop and personal goals. 

Wednesday: Save the Three-Toed Pygmy Sloth!

The three-toed pygmy sloth is only found on a small island off the coast of Panama. They live and eat primarily in red mangrove trees.

Mangroves are valued for their protection and stabilization of low-lying coastal lands as well as their importance in estuarine and coastal food chains. Mangroves are flood buffers, plus they aid in stabilizing the climate by moderating temperature, humidity, and even waves. 

Ongoing destruction of the pygmy three-toed sloths' habitat has caused a sharp decrease in their population. This has led to them being categorized as a critically endangered species.

Use the activities below to learn more about the pygmy-three toed sloth, and brainstorm ideas for their conservation. Be sure to join us on Facebook Live for an interview with the Florida Aquarium where an Stephen Schwanebeck, a horticulturist at the Florida Aquarium, will give us a behind the scenes look at their mangrove nursery while talking all about importance of mangroves— not just to the three-toed pygmy sloth, but to the Florida coastline as well!


Thursday: Explore Rewards and Products

One of the keys to being a good Entrepreneur is knowing your product. This helps you talk to your customers about which product is right for them, and helps you be ready for any response they may give you. But if you're like us, you're probably also excited for all of this year's Sweets & Treats rewards! With so many awesome rewards, it's easy to set a big goal and work hard to reach it. 

Use the Knowing Your Products activity to learn about everything available in this year's Sweets & Treats sale. Then, watch the reward video to see everything you can earn by participating in the Sweets & Treats program. 

Friday: It's Survey Time!

After completing all the activities this week, come back on Friday and complete our survey to tell us how we did and what you learned. The first 500 girls to complete he survey will receive a FREE GSWCF Virtual Fall Rally patch.


*The first 500 girls who participate in the Sweets & Treats Rally and complete the survey afterwards will recieve the 2020 Sweets & Treats Virtual Rally patch in the mail. You must complete the survey to qualify.