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Sightseeing Sloth

Sightseeing Sloth

Meet SofÍa! SofÍa is this year's Sweets & Treats mascot! SofÍa stands nearly four feet tall (her arms are more than 5 feet long, from claw to claw). She loves adventure and wants to see the world. She'll be spending the next few months exploring places around our council, searching for a new home! We'll post sightings of SofÍa on her travels to our Facebook, and at the end of Sweets & Treats, one lucky Girl Scout entrepreneur will get to take SofÍa home.

You can learn more about SofÍa, who is a member of a recently discovered and critically endangered species: the three-toed pygmy sloth.

Here's how the contest works:

Any Girl Scout who participates in the Fall Product Program and sells one nut/chocolate item or magazine subscription will be entered into a drawing to win SofÍa. 

For every ten nuts or chocolate items and/or magazine subscriptions a girl sells after that, she'll recieve an additional entry. So the more your go-getter sells, the more chances she has to take SofÍa home!

The Sightseeing Sloth contest ends on November 8, with the drawing streamed on Facebook Live in December. Good Luck!