Fall Product Volunteers
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Fall Product Volunteers

Troops have an opportunity to get a head start in funding the troop with startup money for activities, supplies and more. What great holiday and teacher gifts these items will make too!

How Does My Troop Get Started? Start by talking to your troop helpers and finding a volunteer willing to be the troop's Fall Product Manager. You and the Fall Product Manager should then register and attend one of the Troop Fall Product Manager Trainings listed below, to learn all about how to manage your Troop's Fall Product Program.


2019 Dates to Remember

August 2019

Aug. 30:
Troop Fall Managers can access M2 site 
September 2019

Sept. 6: Fall Product Program begins! Girls can log in to the M2 online site, create their Me2 Avatar and launch their online store

October 2019

Oct. 13:

  • Last day for customers to choose online girl delivery option
November 2019

Nov. 1-4: Troops pick up nuts and chocolate 

Nov. 8: Online and Paper Orders End

Nov. 10:

  • Troop deadline to verify and enter paper order card sales 
  • Troop deadline to choose delivery site/date/time of pick-up

Nov. 11: Last day for girls and troops to choose girl rewards

Nov. 29: Outstanding parent balance paperwork due to Product Program department

Nov. 29: Troops ensure all funds are deposited into troop account

December 2019

Dec. 6: ACH draft notice sent to troop

Dec. 13: ACH draft of total amount due

January 2020

Jan. 2020: Rewards are mailed to service unit fall product manager for distribution


Sweets and Treats Volunteer Trainings

By Date

Aug. 13

Aug. 14

Aug. 15

Aug. 16

Aug. 17

Aug. 19

Aug. 20

Aug. 21

Aug. 22

Aug. 23

Aug. 24

Aug. 26

Aug. 27

Aug. 28

By County












Make-Up Traing for Second Chance Orders (for those who have not had a trianing already) 

In-Person Trainings (See "Sweets and Treats Volunteer Trainings" above)

Additional Resources

Fall Product Volunteer Video Playlist- Watch all the videos below, one right after the other!

Opting Out Of Girl Rewards- If your girls are Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors they can opt out of rewards for the Fall Product Program.

Hosting A Girl-Parent Meeting- How to host a girl-parent meeting for the Fall Product Program.

Troop Finances- Important dates, paperwork, banking, and money collection for Fall Product Program Volunteers.

Volunteer Login and Roster Check- Learn to log into M2 and check your roster for the Fall Product Program!

Fall Product Delivery- Learn all about the delivery process for the Fall Product Program.

Why Participate- Ready to learn more about the Fall Product Program? This is the video for you!

Entering Paper Orders- Learn how to verify and enter girls' paper orders for the Fall Product Program.

How to Enter Girl Payments

Fall Product Program Reports


Need More Information? Contact the Product Program Team.