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Juliettes, submit your

second chance orders here!

If your girl is a Juliette Girl Scout (or her troop will not be participating in the Fall Product Program but she wants to), that's okay! Girl Scouts can participate in the Fall Product Program without a troop, gaining the 5 skills (goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics) and earning rewards and council credits to use towards her Girl Scout experience.

How Does My Juliette Girl Scout Get Started? Contact our Product Program Team to find out how to get your Juliette started with the Fall Product Program. 

How do friends and family order? Beginning September 6 be prepared to hear from your local Girl Scouts who will have a Nuts and Chocolate order form in hand.

September 6-November 4, girls should send emails to family and friends sharing their online ordering site for those who wish to order using a credit card for payment.

Customers who live outside our council can order from the online site, but they will be charged delivery fees. If a customer is local, the Girl Scout (with the permission of her caregiver) will deliver the nuts and candy. 


2019 Dates to Remember

  • Sept 6  Fall Product Program begins (both paper and online)
  • Oct 13 Online Girl Delivery ends
  • Nov 1-4 Nut/Chocolate deliveries are held for troops to pick up orders. Girls begin delivery of products.
  • Nov 8 Online and Paper orders end
  • Nov 4-29 Girls deliver product and collect funds from customers.
  • Nov 11 Last day for girls/parents to enter girl reward choices into M2 online system. 



In-Person Trainings

Troop Fall Product Manager on-demand webinar (Comming soon!)

Please note that these training webinars work best if viewed from Internet Explorer Browser, and due to the file size may take a moment to load. Please use your computers speakers or headphones, and be sure to click to advance the slides. 

Additional Resources

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How to be a Super Seller- Learn to be a super seller in 5 simple steps!

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Fall Product Volunteer Video Playlist- Watch all the videos below, one right after the other!

Opting Out Of Girl Rewards- If your girls are Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors they can opt out of rewards for the Fall Product Program.

Hosting A Girl-Parent Meeting- How to host a girl-parent meeting for the Fall Product Program.

Troop Finances- Important dates, paperwork, banking, and money collection for Fall Product Program Volunteers.

Volunteer Login and Roster Check- Learn to log into M2 and check your roster for the Fall Product Program!

Fall Product Delivery- Learn all about the delivery process for the Fall Product Program.

Why Participate- Ready to learn more about the Fall Product Program? This is the video for you!

Entering Paper Orders- Learn how to verify and enter girls' paper orders for the Fall Product Program.


Need More Information? Contact the Product Program Team.