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2022 Fall Product Program

Fall Product Volunteers

Troops can get a head start in funding their troop with startup money for activities, supplies, and more!

How does my troop get started?

Start by talking to your troop helpers and finding a volunteer willing to be the troop's Fall Product Manager. You and the Fall Product Manager should then watch the Troop Fall Product Manager Trainings (go to gsLearn once logged into your GS My Account) to learn all about how to manage your Troop's Fall Product Program.

Need More Information? Contact the Product Program Team.



Additional Resources
Sweet Starters Patch Program
Sweet Starters GSWCF

First time sellers can learn the ropes of Girl Scout Sweets & Treats. This program helps teach girls about setting goals, tips for selling products, and how to participate. Girls who complete this program will receive a special Sweet Starters patch. 

Stay tuned for updated information!