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Volunteer-Led Programs at Camp

Volunteer-Led Programs at Camp

Volunteers have been sharing outdoor experiences with Girl Scouts since Juliette took the first troop camping in 1912. From a camper's first s'more to helping CITs run an encampment, our volunteers are a key part of helping Girl Scouts build their confidence outdoors and become environmental advocates.

Troop Camping


There are lots of ways to customize your troop's camping experience — whether or not you're staying overnight. All program areas and sleeping units are booked through the same reservation system, so you can select and pay for everything all at once. 


Outdoor Facilitators

Outdoor facilitators work at our Girl Scout camp properties leading variety of outdoor activities. Facilitators hold national and GSWCF-specific certifications required to run various program areas at camp.

View our faciliator list to review the individuals who can be booked to provide outdoor activities to your troop that require certifications. All faciliators are registered, screened volunteers with Girl Scouts. The troop or group is responsible for contacting a facilitator to discuss logistics and coordinate the activity. Learn how (and when) to Hire an Outdoor Facilitator.

Having trouble finding a Facilitator?
You can request GSWCF Staff Facilitators to run programs like Archery, Marine Lab, Nature Center, and Homestead with your troop. We can even facilitate programs you see on the events page. Contact us to learn more. 


Encampments are a great way to meet and play with other Girl Scouts in your community! Planned and held by Service Units for the girls and troops in their area, encampments are held one to two times each year, include many local troops, and have activities facilitated by leaders or older girls.  Contact your Service Unit for information about its Encampment.

Check out the information below for help planning your event:


Below are some of the program areas that can be led by volunteers or outdoor facilitators at camp. You can reserve them through our reservation system. Please keep in mind that program options and costs vary and some require certifications in order to use (lifeguard, small craft, etc.). Activity dates do not have to be coordinated with camping dates; however, please allow three to four weeks of advance planning.

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Archery
  • Kiln/Pottery
  • Marine Lab
  • Nature Center

Please note: Some programs that are run by GSWCF staff can be reserved by troops or encampments. See Council-led Programs at Camp for more information.


For further assistance, please contact us at or 813-281-4475.