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What's This All About? 

Since 2015, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida has been conducting a multi-year, council-wide strategic process to enhance and maintain our outdoor program and properties, known as Her Vision of Tomorrow. It was built around a property vision that promotes the mission of Girl Scouts with engaging and vital program delivery that will best use our properties to meet the program needs of today's (and tomorrow's) girls.

The process began with a task force who worked to conduct a thorough review of our programs and properties. The group was comprised of community experts, volunteers, board members and staff utilizing member surveys/feedback, independent research, planning experts, data collection to inform and build our path to the future.

As of 2020, we completed what we considered Phase 1 of the process and have seen tremendous strides toward our overall vision. As we move forward into the future, updates and new information will be added to this page. Or, you can check the Camp News section for a look back at the progress we have made.

If you ever have any questions about Her Vision of Tomorrow, please contact us at

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