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Equestrian Programs

Saddle up and let’s ride at Camp Wildwood!

Enrich your life with an equine adventure! Ride through beautiful scenery on horses and trails suitable for most experience levels. Lessons include basic horsemanship skills such as how to care for a horse, tacking up, and riding safely in an arena or over varied terrain, based on skill and age level.

We offer horse riding weekends, riding schools, lessons, and holiday-themed events, all with instruction from experienced adults. Each ride is led by trained instructors who are there to help both new riders and guide the experienced riders in their own fun. All riding equipment, including boots and helmets, is provided.

We are excited to reopen troop requests for spring 2021! COIVD precautions will be in place, including mandatory masks while in the Wildwood Equestrian Center. Visit our reservation website to submit requests for troop programs. Please understand that due to limited availability, troops are limited to reserving one three-hour program at a time, which is limited to # girls. There are no all-day troop program reservations at this time. If you have a larger troop, you may split girls into two reservations

Looking for more information? Contact or 813-262-1806.

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Resources and Additional Programs

Please review our FAQs for information about how to book, programs available, and more!

Equestrian Program FAQs

Required Forms

 All participants must print, complete and bring the release form to the equestrian center for their program. Digital copies are not accepted. 

Equestrian Release Form (Child and Adult)

Private Lessons

We offer private riding lessons with our Equestrian Manager on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited availability. If your girl is interested in gaining confidence in the saddle, we’re here to help!

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Equestrian Special Interest Troop

Starting in the fall of 2021, we will be hosting a special interest troop for those girls interested in horses, their care, riding, and more. Girls will participate primarily virtually, with troop day trips to visit various equestrian centers including ours at Camp Wildwood or equestrian shows. Troop size will be limited and additional costs may apply to membership and trips. More information will be shared at Memership Kickoff.

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Working Student Program

Interested in becoming a horsewoman? Want to really learn all about horse care, training, and more? Join our Working Student program! Girls must be Cadettes and up to be a working student, and may be required to attend with a chaperone depending upon staff availability. Girls will earn private, weekday lessons with our Equestrian Manager through their time spent learning and working at our Equestrian Center.

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Adult Volunteers

Adult members of Girl Scouts can help support our herd by volunteering on weekdays to help with tasks such as feeding, grooming, and more!

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