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Updates from September 2018

Her Vision of Tomorrow is currently in the final phase of design and cost estimates for the new sleeping unit structures. We are process of working with Pinellas and Sumter counties on zoning and permits for these projects. More information coming soon!

Camp Wildwood
Our camp rangers came together for to celebrate Ranger Elton Lackey’s retirement by hosting a work day at Camp Wildwood. Together they built 12 replacement picnic tables that are now located at CDT, Wai Lani and Wildwood. 

Camp Wai Lani
The Camp Wai Lani pool area has recently gotten an update made possible by a funding grant from the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County.  The updates include a new roof, fascia and soffit for the bathhouse plus an interior renovation with new sinks, toilets, doors and lighting. Both the interior and exterior of the bath house was painted blue. In addition, a sun shade and new Adirondack chairs have been added to the deck. 

The floors in the lodge were resurfaced and sealed and we have replaced the flooring in the sewing room and trading post.

A prescribed burned was scheduled for Camp Wai Lani last month but was cancelled due to rain. These burns are always based on current conditions with many factors going into account such as temperature, humidity, and wind. We are waiting on a controlled burn authorization for this fall.

Camp Indian Echo
The Camp Indian Echo treehouse was repaired after a strong summer storm knocked down a nearby tree and damaged the roof. This structure is once available again for reservations.

Florida Forest Service recently cut and disked the CIE property fire lines. This process helps protect the property to prevent and contain brush fire risks. 

Camp Dorothy Thomas
Construction of the new ranger house is underway and still on schedule. Demolition crews were onsite last month to remove the old ranger house.

New septic drain fields were installed at the CDT lodge. The lodge bathrooms are now reopened for use.

The CDT Trading Post has been revamped including a newly painted interior and shelving.

The tractor is back in service. The tractor was out of commission for several months while waiting on parts for repairs. GSWCF staff is back to trimming and cutting to make up for the summer months. 

Updates from July 2018

CDT Ranger House
We have officially broken ground for the new ranger house at Camp Dorothy Thomas. As previously shared, the new ranger house was made possible due to the generosity of Cardel Homes.

“It is incredibly exciting and important for us to be investing in the future enhancements and upkeep of our camps so that Girl Scouts for years to come can continue to enjoy Camp Dorothy Thomas.” Jessica Muroff, CEO of GSWCF

Located at the camp entrance, the ranger house will be a point of safety and security for this property. Earlier this summer, the existing ranger house was demolished and site cleared to make room for the new construction. 

On Tuesday, July 10, we hosted a small groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate this milestone with representatives from Cardel Homes and InVision Advisors along with Girl Scout members and GSWCF staff. 

“We’re very humbled for the opportunity to provide this house for the Girl Scouts. This brings great gratitude and satisfaction to us as a local builder,” shared Brian Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Cardel Homes is always about, not only building quality homes to our customers, but giving back to the community and we feel that’s one of the most important things we can do.”

We would like to thank our volunteers and girls for sharing their input to make the ranger house a high priority during our Long Range Program and Property Initiative. We are also grateful to have the support and expertise from Cardel Homes, InVision Advisor and Carlton Fields to make this vision a reality.

New Signage
We have recently install new signage at Camp Wai Lani and Camp Wildwood. These colorful directional signs each match the character and themes of the camp properties.

Supplies needed to turn Her Vision of Tomorrow into a reality!

The plans for Phase II of our Long Range Program and Property Initiative (LRPP) are well underway. We will be increasing sleeping capacity at Camp Indian Echo, Camp Wai Lani and Camp Wildwood in the near future. Before we can break ground for the new sleeping units, there’s a lot of planning work that still needs to be done.

In true Girl Scout fashion, we are using our resources wisely and turning to our network of members for help. To be good stewards of our funds and to maximize what can deliver for these building projects, we’re seeking donations of building supplies and construction materials (see list below). The more items we are able to have donated, more funds will be available to enhance these projects for our girls.

Materials and supplies needed:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Concrete and reinforcing bars for floor slabs
  • Concrete block for bathroom walls
  • Drywall and Paint
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Fill Dirt
  • Flooring
  • Hurricane Straps, Nails and Screws
  • Hardie Board Siding
  • Insulation
  • Lights and Ceiling Fans
  • Plywood
  • Roof and floor trusses
  • Roofing
  • Screens
  • Showers
  • Toilets and Sinks
  • Toilet Partition and Bathroom Accessories
  •  Waterproofing Materials
  • Water Heaters
  • Windows and Doors
  • Wood studs for walls
  • Wood columns and posts
  • Wood beams for floors and roofs
  • Wood railings

If you, or someone you know of, has access to any of the items listed above and would like to make a contribution to help build our new sleeping units, or if you have any questions, please Lina Castro at 813-569-9811.

Updates from May 7

Challenge Course Updates
Calling all risk-takers! The brand new challenge course at Camp Wai Lani and the extended zip line at Camp Dorothy Thomas are both now open. We debuted the challenge course at Camp Wai Lani during a live interview on WEDU on Give Day Tampa Bay. A group of Girl Scouts used the climbing wall and cargo net to make their way to the top of the 35 foot tower and down the zip line. The tower offers incredible views overlooking the tree tops of camp and the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, the newly extended 800 foot zip line at Camp Dorothy Thomas was debuted during the GSWCF Annual Meeting. Three dozen girls and adult members used this opportunity to launch themselves off the tower, through a tunnel of trees and over the lake for a thrilling good time!

Both challenge courses will be available for reservations when troop camping and encampments reservations open later this summer.

Camp Wai Lani Updates
The roof on the pool house at Camp Wai Lani was recently replaced. This update was made possible by funding provided the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County.  

Some of the mangroves along the waterfront of Camp Wai Lani have been trimmed. This project was approved and permitted by Pinellas County to trim back overgrowth which was blocking access to the dock as well as help increase air flow into camp.

Updates from March 30

Phase II of Her Vision of Tomorrow
We’re laying the ground work for Phase II of Her Vision of Tomorrow! Before we can start building there is a lot of planning work that needs to be accomplishment. Our Outdoor Program and Properties staff have been on site visits at Camp Wildwood, Camp Wai Lani and Camp Indian Echo to find the perfect spots to build the new sleeping units. In addition, we’re surveying the area to prepare the land for infrastructure needs such as electric, sewer, water and septic. The architectural designs of the new sleep units are in development. We are making sure the designs incorporate feedback from our girl visioning sessions, meet ADA requirements and above all else work within our budget. 

Challenge Course Updates
The new challenge course at Camp Wai Lani is in the final stages before we open up registration for members. Construction is complete, permits are approved. We are finalizing facilitator trainings to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time on the course.

The challenge course at Camp Dorothy Thomas has been going under a little refresher renovation. This update has extended the zip line to be nearly 800 ft. That means CDT will be home to one of the longest zip lines in Hillsborough County. Where are all our risk-takers? Who’s ready to try this?

CDT Ranger House
Over the next couple of months, Cardel Homes will begin preparing the site for our new ranger house at Camp Dorothy Thomas which will include clearing the site and demolishing the existing house.

Updates from January 9

Embarking on Phase II of Her Vision of Tomorrow
Her Vision of Tomorrow is becoming a reality! Over the past year, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida has made significant enhancements to our four camp properties, but that was only the beginning. We’re thrilled to share we are about to embark on Phase II of the Long Range Program and Properties plan where we will begin implementing major enhancements. These projects will expand the capacity for our properties, allowing more girls and troops access to Girl Scout outdoor experiences throughout the year. Whether she is looking to face her fears on a ropes course or explore marine life on the Gulf Coast, our camps allow girls to experience the great outdoors on their own terms.

After being on the market since May of 2017, our board of directors unanimously accepted an offer for the sale of the Camp Scoutcrest property from a private buyer. The closing of the property was finalized on January 8, 2018 at a purchase price which was above the most recent appraisal price. The net proceeds from closing received by Girl Scouts of West Central Florida will be used to enact Phase II of our Long Range Program and Properties (LRPP), a key part of which involves efforts to replace the camping capacity of Camp Scoutcrest by adding sleeping units to our other properties.

During Phase II, Camp Indian Echo, Camp Wai Lani and Camp Wildwood will be equipped with new sleeping units each distinctively designed to match the unique personalities and themes of the three camp properties. While we work to design these units, we will once again turn to our members, especially girls, to have a voice in the visioning process. Girl Scout Daisies through Ambassadors are invited to share their ideas at  one of the upcoming visioning sessions. If you would like to attend a session, please contact Evan Krueger to reserve your spot.

  • Jan 13, 1 p.m. at Camp Wai Lani in Palm Harbor
  • Jan 27, 3:30 p.m. at Camp Wildwood in Wildwood

We hope you will join us and echo our excitement as we embark on Phase II to bring Her Vision of Tomorrow to life! 

Updates from December 28

As we close out 2017, we’re excited to share our latest camp updates. Our outdoor and properties staff members have been busy with the latest updated to our properties and enhancing your camping experience. Whether you visit our camps for a day activity, an overnight trip or the whole weekend – we hope you are creating lifelong memories in the great outdoors!

Prescribed Burns
We'll be conducting prescribed burns at Camp Wildwood over the next several months to help restore our longleaf pine habitat. While we will not conduct the burns while girls and volunteers are at camp, the scent may linger, particularly after the first rainfall.

You can learn all about why these burns are necessary to the health of our ecosystem, and how they will take place at camp in our webinar, hosted by Outdoor Program Specialist, Cara Huntley, who studied Forest Resources and Conservation for her masters degree. Cara has also provided an activity for Troop Leaders to communicate the importance of prescribed burns to our G.I.R.L.s.

Help Us Design New Sleeping Units
We're beginning preparations to add new sleeping units to Camp Indian Echo, Camp Wai Lani, and Camp Wildwood to expand our capacity at each site. As with any major construction project, there are many steps that need to be taken and we'd like to have our members offer their ideas on some of the design elements they'd like to see incorporated at each location. Girl Scout Daisies through Ambassadors can be a part of the design process and share their ideas as we prepare to build new sleeping units at camp in 2018! There are three sessions availble:

  • Jan 6, 11 a.m. at the Girl Scout Leadership Center in Tampa.
  • Jan 13, 1 p.m. at Camp Wai Lani in Palm Harbor.
  • Jan 27, 3:30 p.m. at Camp Wildwood in Wildwood.

Camp Wai Lani
We just completed renovating the pool by resurfacing, adding new cobalt blue tiles and reconnecting the light system.  

We are all set to begin installing the new Challenge Course and zip line at the beginning of January. You can now add high adventure to your camping experience in 2018!

Camp Wildwood
We fertilized and produced our first crop of hay to be used to help feed the horses. We plan to continue to do this moving forward and potentially generate income in the future.

Gator Lake is still full as the restoration continues.

Camp Dorothy Thomas
We have selected a site for the new Ranger House, being donated to us as part of a deal with Cardel Homes, and will begin construction soon!

Camp Indian Echo
Two new platform tents have been installed.

Leadership Center
The Scoutcrest Room honoring the legacy of Camp Scoutcrest and Gladys Margaret “Gobby” Kuhn is coming soon! This room will have camp mementos on display for their memories to live on.


Updates from October 20

It’s been a wonderfully busy time at our camp properties. After a very successful Summer Camp, we are back at work making improvements that will benefit our members and deliver critical outdoor experiences for girls (and volunteers and parents) for years to come.

Not only do we continue to check things off our initial list of the improvements that needed to happen based on member feedback and available funds, but we have been able to do so much more. Even after the brief setback of Hurricane Irma, our camp rangers and outdoor program team are working hard to keep our camps in top shape.

Here’s a look at everything that has happened over the last few months, what’s currently in the works and a peek at what’s to come:

Camp Dorothy Thomas

  • New mattresses and wood bunkbeds were added to Ladybug
  • Lounge seating (couches/chairs with washable coverings) and tables added for meeting space in CIT, the Lodge and Ladybug
  • A new convection oven was installed in the Lodge
  • New water heaters were placed in Holiday House and CIT
  • Challenge Course pressure washed and perimeter cleared
  • Fire damaged trees flanking the perimeter of the archery range were cleared
  • Trails and roads being cleared to appropriate fire recommendations; hard-wired smoke detectors being replaced in Ladybug (evaluations of other units in process)
  • Installation of bat houses as part of a Girl Scout Bronze Award project
  • Over at the Stable a Rotary community service group completed second round of cleanup; camp rangers will begin work on Phase 3 soon by replacing clay, cleaning stalls, clearing arena and paddocks, and providing water
  • The exterior and interior of the Workshop area has been cleaned up with the clearance of extraneous junk from the grounds and the cleaning and organization of the tools
  • In Pioneer, we are working with the Boy Scouts as part of an Eagle Scout to refresh the area including stone fire circle, new benches and the demolition of 4 unusable platforms

Camp Indian Echo

  • We have two new platform tents arriving in November
  • New pavilions were constructed at Treehouses and TeePee units
  • The United Way Community Service Day saw volunteers come out to clean up the Log Cabin and continue with post-Irma efforts
  • Treehouse new shelter
  • CIE SHelter Pic 2

Camp Wai Lani

  • We are in the middle of renovating the pool by resurfacing, adding new cobalt blue tile and reconnecting the light system
  • The new Challenge Course is moving forward with site clearing and preparation beginning in November and permitting with Pinellas county for a January installation
  • Four new see-through canoes were acquired thanks to Elisa’s Great Wishes Foundation
  • A/C was added to our cabins
  • The boat house is rededicated in remembrance of Gobby Kuhn
  • Evaluating repair costs and project plan for unit houses bathhouse repairs
  • Applied for grant for pool house bath roof replacement
  • see-through canoe
  • Day4_10162017

Camp Wildwood

  • The recent heavy rains have had a great effect on Gator Lake as the restoration through peat mining continues
  • New furniture was added to added to Horseshoe Meadows and Friendship units including couches and chairs with washable coverings and tables for meeting space
  • Baby donkeys! We welcomed two new healthy additions to the herd with baby Shrek and Fiona
  • Gator Lake post irma
  • Donkeys 1

Plant City Troop House

  • 20 new cots were added and new dishes, cookware and utensils were purchased
  • We conducted a professional deep-cleaning
  • Exterior clean up and repairs taking place

All Camps

We have begun evaluating and creating plans with forestry officials to conduct controlled burns as part of our ongoing sustainability programs at the camps. Firewise Inspections were conducted at all camp to help mitigate the risk of damage to our buildings in the event of severe wildfire conditions. We don’t expect any activity until the winter months. You can learn more about this process by visiting Florida Firewise Communities.

Updates from December 14

Camp Wildwood The restoration of Gator Pond at Camp Wildwood is going swimmingly! The restoration team has made significant progress in removing the peat and topsoil over the past couple of months. In the latest report from Camp Ranger Elton, we’ve learned that five springs have quickly started to flow into a portion of the restored pond making it about 3.5 feet deep. This is particularly remarkable as we have not had meaningful rainfall at camp in over 6 weeks and this is just a small portion of the overall area that is being restored.

Take a look at these photos see all the transformation underway. We have a hunch this restored area may already be larger than the pond at Camp Indian Echo!


The pond restoration is a long term project but we are ecstatic about the progress that has already been made. It won’t be long before we see our girls out there enjoying the waterfront at Camp Wildwood!

Updates from October 28

Camp Indian Echo We are in the process of constructing a brand new Low Ropes Challenge Course and Giant Swing at Camp Indian Echo! These new additions will allow girls to take safe risks, step out of their comfort zones and work together to strengthen their bonds. Here’s a sneak peek at the work that is being done. We can’t wait to get girls outdoors to enjoy this new feature at camp! Stay tuned for more information about reservations and facilitators coming soon.


Camp Dorothy Thomas Check out these new photos of the refurbished Lady Bug unit at Camp Dorothy Thomas. This unit features a dormitory with bunk beds, leader's room, electricity, full kitchen, bathroom with showers and a fire circle. Capacity: 28, there are 12 bunk beds for girls that accommodate up to 24. The leaders sleep in a separate room that accommodates up to 4 people. This unit is suitable for all Grade Levels; however Daisies must sleep on the bottom bunks. Learn more and make your reservations today.

Ladybug Kitchen

Camp Wildwood The restoration of Gator Pond at Camp Wildwood is well underway! You've heard about the mining of peat* at Gator Pond at Camp Wildwood. Take a look at what's going on out there. The plants have been removed on a section of the pond and the peat is being removed revealing the sandy bottom of the future lake!  A spring of fresh water is coming out of the bank and is being routed to the other side of the lake beyond a temporary dam.  While this is a long term project, we plan to have a swimming area available for girls to start enjoying the lake in 2017.


*What is peat? Peat is a brown material with a soil-like composition that is generally found growing in acidic and boggy soils. Peat consists of decaying vegetable matter and -- when added to soil -- enriches the area for better plant life. Peat can consist of either sapric, hemic or fibric materials, each with its own level of decomposition. Sapric peat has the highest level of decomposition; fibric has the least level of decomposition, containing intact fiber, while hemic is in the middle of the two. Learn more about the difference between peat and peat moss.

Updates from October 21

There’s no better time than the new Girl Scout year to start planning your next outdoor adventure. We have lots of new troops this year and we want to make sure you all know how to get outdoors and start having fun… that goes for our returning troops too!

Check out our new blog post with all the basic information your troop needs to prepare for your very first camping trip!

Getting Your New Troop Outdoors

Updates from September 7

Exciting things are happening with our Long Range Program and Properties initiative! The last couple of months were busy, learn more about what has been accomplished: Her Vision of Tomorrow Update #7

Here’s an updated list of the latest upgrades and new features at our properties to enhance your troop camping experience:

Camp Dorothy Thomas

  • Ladybug is now available for reservations.
  • Relocated archery to a centralized location (next to Ladybug)
  • Upgraded mattresses and shower amenities in some units

Camp Indian Echo

  • Paddle Boards (7)
  • Giant Swing (coming soon)
  • Low Ropes Teambuilding Course (coming soon)

Camp Scoutcrest

  • Paddle Boards (2)
  • Gaga Pit
  • Ski Boat

Camp Wai Lani

  • Camphitheater
  • Main Fire Circle
  • Kayaks (8)
  • Paddle Boards (14)
  • Microscopes for Marine Lab
  • Upgraded mattresses and shower amenities in some units
  • Infirmary changed to Health Center

Camp Wildwood

  • Upgraded mattresses and shower amenities in some units (Friendship and Health Center)
  • Hammock Camping
  • Live animals for the nature center (coming soon)

Updates from August 12, 2016

We have some exciting new features and upgrades now available and coming soon at our camp properties to enhance the troop camping experience.  Please check our Troop Camping Reservations system to see all the new features available for your next trip.

Camp Dorothy Thomas

  • Ladybug is now available for reservations.
  • Relocated archery to a centralized location (next to Ladybug)
  • Upgraded mattresses and shower amenities in some units (coming soon)

Camp Indian Echo

  • Paddle Boards (2)
  • Giant Swing (coming soon)
  • Low Ropes Teambuilding Course  (coming soon)

Camp Scoutcrest

  • Paddle Boards (2)
  • Ski Boat

Wai Lani

  • Camphitheater
  • Main Fire Circle
  • Kayaks & Paddle Boards (2)
  • Microscopes for Marine Lab
  • Upgraded mattresses and shower amenities in some units (coming soon)
  • Infirmary changed to Health Center


  • Upgraded mattresses and shower amenities in some units (Friendship and Health Center)
  • Hammock Camping
  • Live animals for the nature center (coming soon)
WL Kayaks
Scoutcrest SUP
WL Campitheater

Updates from June 21, 2016

Fall, winter and spring troop camping will be open for the 2016-2017 membership year on July 1 at 9 a.m. for all camp properties and the Tampa Leadership Center (open reservation dates are Sept. 1, 2016 – May 31, 2017). And this includes the return of reservations for Ladybug and the Infirmary at Camp Dorothy Thomas.

We are also in the process of bringing back the camp calendars so you can more easily plan your camping trip by seeing what is happening at each camp. Look for more information on this coming soon.

Updates from May 26, 2016

In March 2015, the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida's Board of Directors approved the appointment of a Long Range Program and Properties Task Force, comprised of community experts and geographically representative volunteers with relevant professional skills, who are passionate about the outdoor experience for girls and the Girl Scout Movement.

The members of the committee thoughtfully and diligently reviewed input from hundreds of girls and adult volunteers, analyzed volumes of statistical data, conducted site visits to all five properties and consulted with market research and camp planning experts during the intensive 15-month period. The Task Force then formed a working Advisory Committee to continue work with camp master planners and formulate recommendations to the board.

The Advisory Committee of the Long Range Program and Properties Task Force recommended to the board on May 24, 2016 that the council move forward with a focus on developing/enhancing programs and facilities at four camps - Camp Wildwood, Camp Wai Lani, Camp Dorothy Thomas and Camp Indian Echo - and to divest of Camp Scoutcrest, located in Odessa, FL. There will be no immediate impact to, or changes for, summer camp programming, daytime weekend programming or troop camping for the immediate future at Camp Scoutcrest.

We understand how much all of our camp properties mean to girls and volunteers and this decision was not made easily or lightly. Camp Scoutcrest has become a unique water destination filled with memories and experiences for thousands of girls. We are committed to honoring that history and relocating programs to other properties. As responsible stewards of Girl Scout opportunities and resources, we must continually adapt our program and property needs to support relevant programs for girls today and in the future. As our smallest property, Camp Scoutcrest is least equipped to facilitate large encampment groups. When this size factor is considered alongside the amount of viable overnight lodging and certain capacity restrictions, it has become a challenge and led to the decision to no longer offer overnight sessions for our Summer Camp program. There are also regulatory barriers to further develop the property and, while not an immediate impact or concern, the potential for long-term safety challenges arising due to camp aspects that are out of our control (i.e., the public road that bisects the property, and a shared, non-private lake).

Different aspects of our watersports program, currently that primary draw at Camp Scoutcrest, can be facilitated at other camps. Specifically, Camp Indian Echo can provide access to canoes, paddleboards, kayaking, inflatables, lake swimming and more, with the added benefit of a safer waterfront area that is completely private and under council control to ensure the safety of girls. Similarly, the restoration of the lake at Camp Wildwood, currently underway, will provide an expansive area for watersports in the near future.

Monies from the sale of the property will be held in a special Restricted account, separate from our council's operating funds, until our board of directors deliberates on the capital use of these funds to invest and improve upon our remaining camp properties.

To honor the history of this camp that has served so many girls and adults over the years, we will be holding special ceremonies at Camp Scoutcrest in the future. Details for these events will be shared with all members once they are formalized and we encourage everyone to come out and celebrate this property's history as we look toward the future.

For questions/information, please send an email to

Updates from May 18, 2016

Summer Camp has an exciting role and opportunity in serving more girls at Camp Dorothy Thomas this summer! To further our efforts to provide girls with unique and engaging summer camp experiences, we will now be hosting girls in a grant-funded, staff-led program this summer at CDT. Instead of facilitating this program at a local school, we are thrilled to give these girls the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and have a traditional Girl Scout camp experience.

This opportunity arose when our original plan of hosting a traditional Day Camp at CDT experienced an extremely low level of interest. Due to low enrollment, we made the decision to cancel the planned day camp in favor of hosting a full camp of girls each week. The few families that had already registered for CDT Summer Camp have already been notified of this change and given the option to transfer to any other day or overnight camp session at no additional cost or receive a full refund.

But that’s only the beginning. We’ve got more exciting additions and updates in the works to keep girls excited about #CampLife this summer at all of our properties.

  • At Camp Wai Lani, space was cleared just outside the lodge to add benches and a small stage to give girls a place to gather, entertain and celebrate in the beautiful outdoors and this is where we will host a luau celebration at the end of each week during Summer Camp. Plus, new microscopes for added STEM fun.
  • We’ve added a second ski boat at Camp Scoutcrest so girls get even more time on the lake during our Watersports sessions. We’re also adding a Gaga Pit where girls can be active and competitive playing this hot new playground game.
  • Camp Indian Echo will have new paddleboards available to enjoy on the lake along with opportunities for girls to take safe risks with a low ropes course and giant swing.
  • Over at Camp Wildwood, girls will be able to enjoy hammock camping and animals in the Nature Center.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact us at 813-281-4475 or