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Camp CEO

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Camp CEO is a weekend leadership retreat that connects high school Girl Scouts with accomplished female professionals through teambuilding and skill sharing in a relaxed camp setting. Girls will have the opportunity to learn leadership and life lessons while the women mentor and inspire the young leaders of tomorrow. 

This year’s all sessions of Camp CEO Leadership weekends have been canceled due to COVID-19. We are very committed to bringing back Camp CEO this cancellation reflects only a temporary pause in this program until we can safely be together if the conditions allow at a college campus or at a Girl Scout Camp property.

Virtual Camp CEO STEM Leadership Weekend

Team up with an expert at Camp CEO STEM Leadership! In this event, girls will connect with accomplished female STEM professionals from the Tampa Bay area who will coach them through skill sharing in an innovative and inspirational virtual environment. Participating girls will have the opportunity to learn from the most influential women in our business community and hear how they gained confidence and competence in their field. As the next generation of women in STEM, girls will be inspired, learn the benefits of embracing mistakes, explore unique careers, learn how to stay focused, confident and how to lead social change through STEM.


Camp CEO Professional Leadership Weekend


Camp CEO Professional Leadership affords 30 high school Girl Scouts the opportunity to learn from accomplished professional women in a unique one-on-one mentoring program that fosters leadership development, personal growth, and helps build a strong foundation for future career paths. This retreat-like weekend is filled with inspirational talks, life-skills workshops, fun camp activities and participation in a formal dinner.


Camp CEO Civic Leadership Weekend


Camp CEO Civic Leadership provides 30 high-school aged Girl Scouts the opportunity to learn about the civic ecosystem, how to move an idea into action, and the project-developing process. Participating girls connect with female Civic Leaders from the Tampa Bay area in our unique one-on-one mentoring program filled with teambuilding, skill-sharing activities, and inspirational presentations in a fun camp setting.                                                                                                


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