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Create a Coaster, 2/2/19, 10:00 AM

Sat Feb 02, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST
Glazer Children's Museum, 110 W Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL, 33602 Map
$24.00/girl; $5.00/adult
Daisy, Brownie
AR, D, B

Design and build rollercoasters during this exciting engineering workshop. Learn about potential energy, gravity, and kinetic energy while creating and testing model rollercoasters. After the workshop, enjoy the rest of the day in the museum.
Girls attending this event will receive a fun patch.
Covered Parking is available in the adjacent Poe Parking Garage on the corner of Ashley Drive and Cass Street. Standard parking is $1.20 an hour. Special Event parking, regulated by the City of Tampa, may differ in some instances.
All necessary equipment will be provided.
Girls should bring a full, refillable water bottle and are welcome to bring a snack.
Attendees are welcome to explore the Glazer Children’s Museum before/after the event.
Leaders who register for this event as a troop activity must adhere to only bringing enough adults to provide girl/adult safety ratio as described in Volunteer Essentials.
All girls are welcome to attend this event but must be accompanied by a registered adult member. If the adult is not her parent/guardian, the chaperone must also have a valid background check.
Adults must register for this event if they will be attending. Adults must be registered members and if chaperoning for anyone other than your own child, must also have a valid background check.