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Early Experience Yields Lifetime Benefits

Girl Scouts of the USA was founded in the spring of 1912 with one leader and 18 girls. Today it has 3.2 million members; 2.3 million girls and over 800,000 adult volunteers. Nearly one out of every two American women—there are an estimated 59 million living alumnae—have been Girl Scouts.

Recently, the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) decided to take a look at the organization’s long-term effects on its girl members. What GSRI found is the basis of a report called Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study.

In a nutshell, compared with non-alumnae, Girl Scout alumnae feel better about themselves, are more active as mentors and community volunteers, vote more regularly, are better educated, and enjoy higher household income. When asked what they got out of their Girl Scout experience, one thing the alumnae frequently mentioned was confidence: the feeling that they could do whatever they set out to do.

Girl Scouting is not the only answer girls’ confidence and later-life success. That’s why in January Girl Scouts of the USA launched ToGetHerThere, the largest, boldest advocacy and fundraising cause campaign dedicated to girls’ leadership in our nation’s history.

But we are part of the answer. We’ve always known that, and now we have the numbers to prove it. Girl Scouting works.

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Did you know?

  • 70% of the women in the U.S. Congress are former Girl Scouts
  • 64% of the women in Who's Who of American Women are Girl Scout alumnae
  • 53% of all women business owners were in Girl Scouting

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Did you know? Dakota Fanning, Chelsea Clinton, Laura Bush, Katie Couric, Mariah Carey and Sheryl Crow are just a few of our many famous Girl Scouts!

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