Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

Employee Testimonials

Working with Girl Scouts is more than just a career – it means making a difference in the lives of girls every day.

From a work stand-point, I like GSWCF because there is always something new to learn and that keeps me on my toes. I especially like the sense of “family.” I think that we are growing as an organization in terms of what we provide to girls and where we are going with the new journeys. It is nice to see us coming in to the 21st century with the technology we provide to our volunteers. I’ve definitely gained some good experience with these changes and have expanded my knowledge on databases. I've also learned new processes and have become more comfortable training others. I'm excited to see what comes next and I cannot wait to see how our council grows in the next few years!
Kristín Gomez, Volunteer Records Manager - Three years with Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida has been a good place for me to grow. It’s been a safe place to try out new things, succeed, fail, learn, or say, "I need help." I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities to take on new challenges elsewhere. There’s a unique opportunity for growth here. Overall, we have a positive work environment and we build each other up and help each other develop along the way.
Julie Perrelli, Grant Writer & Manager - Six years with Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

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