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COVID-19: Council News & Updates

Safety First

Updated: July 29, 2021, 6:34 p.m.

This blog post is updated as COVID-19 health and safety protocols continue to evolve, so please check here for the most up-to-date information. There is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and well-being of our girls, volunteers, and council staff while we look for ways to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to our members.  

What’s New

With the recent surge of COVID-19 cases throughout our council’s footprint and the latest guidance from the CDC concerning public spaces, we will be returning to wearing masks at the Leadership Center and Girl Scout Store regardless of vaccination status. We appreciate everyone’s support in this and consideration for others as we follow the best practices set forth by healthcare experts.

While our COVID-19 troop and service unit protocols have not changed, we want to emphasize the importance of following guidelines communicated by the CDC during this surge in cases, especially maintaining 6+ feet social distance, wearing masks and sanitizing hands and surfaces. As leaders, we need to make our Girl Scout experiences safe and welcoming for all children, especially Girl Scouts that are not eligible for vaccinations. Please continue to have conversations with your troop families to make sure you are being supportive and considerate of everyone’s needs.

Per the CDC Guidelines, unvaccinated Girl Scouts, volunteers or staff should continue to wear masks, social distance, sanitize frequently, and engage in outdoor events or virtual meetings for the safest experience. A person’s vaccinated status is on their honor and we encourage everyone to follow whatever safety measures you feel comfortable with to protect yourself, your family and the community. We remain a mask and distancing friendly place.

For all Girl Scout meetings, activities, outings and trips:

  • Ensure all participants complete the Heath Form/COVID-19 Waiver (EnglishSpanish) and keep accurate attendance records.
  • Follow all guidelines contained in Safety Activity Checkpoints and refer to our expanded COVID-19 In-Person Meeting Guidelines for additional information.
  • Complete the Residential Meeting Agreement form if holding meetings at a residence.
  • Ensure that families in your troop or group are aware of and comfortable with how you will conduct any in-person any mask/distancing-optional interactions.
  • Choose outdoor environments, when possible.
  • Follow all COVID-19 guidelines of property owner or the jurisdiction that provides the location if not gathering at a GSWCF-owned property.
  • Sanitize commonly touch surfaces (i.e., supplies, equipment, doors, faucets, tables, chairs) upon arrival, in the middle, and at end of event. Limit shared supplies.
  • You should offer individual wrapped/packaged snacks or encourage attendees to bring their own food and drink.
  • Include COVID-19 prevention items in First Aid Supplies, such as sanitizer, tissues, disposable facemasks and disinfectants.
  • Stay home or send home if sick or symptomatic.

Troop / Service Unit Meetings and Activities

Troop and service unit leaders should collaborate with families to decide how to proceed when hosting in-person troop or service unit meetings. Be considerate, caring and respectful in all circumstances, especially considering those who may feel they still need to wear a mask or social distance. Troops that choose to meet in person must adhere to our COVID-19 In-Person Meeting Guidelines.

Third-party Program Events

For events and activities facilitated by our program partners or held at a non-GSWCF site, we will defer to partner protocols and ask that all members adhere to the organization’s guidelines. Please check in advance before attending if you have any questions.

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