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Guidelines for Prevention of Infectious and Communicable Diseases

Safety First

Guidelines for Prevention of Infectious and Communicable Diseases (i.e., COVID-19, Lice, Flu, Strep, Pink Eye)  

Updated: October 7, 2021, 5:30 p.m.

At Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our girls, volunteers, and council staff in all decisions. We continue to closely monitor COVID-19 guidelines shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and GSUSA. We also track local county policies to include school district protocols and practices, which most directly impact our Girl Scouts.

Each troop/family should weigh their participation based on their own health concerns. As with any social activity, participation in Girl Scouts could present the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other illnesses, and Girl Scouts of West Central Florida can in no way warrant that exposure will not occur through participation.

Guidelines & Practices (Updated 9/30/21)

The following are the key guidelines for all Girl Scout members and families who wish to participate in any Girl Scouts of West Central Florida troop or council activities, including encampments, troop meetings, Council programs and troop travel.

  1. Complete Waivers: All participants must complete and submit a council Heath Form and Waiver (English, Spanish), which communicate the assumption of risk related to infectious illnesses like COVID.
  2. Check for Symptoms: Parents must keep Girl Scouts home if their child doesn’t feel good or shows any symptoms of illness (i.e., runny nose, fever free 24-hours, vomiting). Take attendance. If overnight activity, volunteer leader must conduct temperature checks each morning and ask/observe if there are any symptoms of illness. Send home immediately if sick.
  3. Keep Social Distance: Aim to maintain 3-6 feet away from others as much as possible. Assign Girl Scouts to small groups (i.e., Pods) to limit exposures. When sleeping, alternate head/toe/head/toe to increase distance between heads.
  4. Wear Masks: Girl Scouts is a mask-friendly environment. Masks are recommended when you are unable to maintain social distance at Council Properties and at Troop Meetings, or whenever cooking, serving food, carpooling or singing. Always follow mask requirements for locations you visit with your troop. We ask troop leaders to consider the health and safety of all girls within their troop when considering these guidelines. According to the Girl Scout Law, we must be a sister to every Girl Scout so we must be considerate and caring for every girl’s unique health/safety needs. Families, please understand -- that may mean that a troop leader will require more than what GSWCF’s guidelines outline. Girl Scouts respect authority and our troop leaders have the authority to take extra measures for the safety of all Girl Scouts in their troop.  
  5. Sanitize Often: Clean surfaces frequently and require hand-washing before/after activities and whenever handling food.    
  6. Go Outdoors: Limit indoor gatherings or split large groups into smaller groups for indoor activities. Try to do outdoor programming that maximizes social distance as much as possible. 
  7. Keep Personal Health Confidential: Health information must be protected and confidential. In the case of a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or other illness, notify parents. Do not use names. 
  8. Respect Authority: Follow the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints. Adhere to any local rules that are more restrictive or stringent from GSWCF guidelines.
  9. Be Kind, Considerate and Caring: Talk with Girl Scouts, volunteers and families and help them to understand why following these guidelines is so important for the safety and health of all Girl Scouts.
  10. Stay Informed: Please continue to monitor council updates so we may all take the appropriate measures to ensure our Girl Scout family continues to have a safe, fun, one-of-a-kind experience. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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