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Juniors WCF

Juniors (4-5)

Excited for a fun year with your Juniors? We know they are! This is a place created just for you – let’s work together and help those girls take charge!

 Your Support:

Phone: 813-262-1773                      Email:

- OR -

Laurie Dever, Troop Support Specialist, K-5
Phone: 813-262-1684                      Email:

Lead the Way:
  • Check out the council patch programs we offer!

  • Troop sleepovers, hold meetings, rent out the Girl Space – all at The Leadership Center

  • Become a S.T.A.R. Troop - Learn more (psst: there's a cool patch)!

  • Looking for some inspiration for fun activities for your troop? We’ve created a Pinterest board just for you!

  • Take your troop camping

  • Guess what! As Juniors, your girls can make a difference in the world through their Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve – wow!