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Adult Enrichment: Project Wild/Aquatic Wild Combo. Training 4/7/18, 10:00 AM

Sat Apr 07, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT
GSWCF Camp Wildwood, 9583 County Road 223, Wildwood, FL, 34785 Map
Volunteer Training
Learn to facilitate girls learning about aquatic wildlife, aquatic ecology, and conservation through hands-on experiential activities. Aquatic Wild is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program for both traditional and non-traditional educators of all age levels. This enrichment will include an Aquatic Wild course book and certificate. 
This is a combination Project Wild and Aquatic Wild combination class. You will receive 2 certifications in 1! 
This enrichment will include a Project Wild and Aquatic Wild course books and certificates. 

**There is a $5 fee to attend this training; you will receive a $5 reimbursement voucher by mail upon attendance.**

Please bring a sack lunch. 
*This training is delivered by a volunteer and program partner as a courtesy. Please ensure every effort to attend. Cancellations after the close date and no-show registrants cost the program partner as they have purchased supplies for your attendance. Thank you for being a sister to every Girl Scout.

This training closes for registration 3/28/18.
Refund/Cancellation Guidelines: 
We are committed to providing the best opportunities for our members. Therefore we strive to notify members of any cancellations a minimum of two weeks in advance with full refunds for any instances where registrations are cancelled by GSWCF. Adult Learning opportunities close 10 days prior to the event, at which point you will be notified of cancellation. Should a member register and not be able to attend we ask that members notify us two weeks in advance of the activity in order to receive a refund. Your registration may be refunded in full or in part depending on the type of activity. Some activities require a cancellation fee where GSWCF will only refund a portion of the overall registration. There are no refunds for no-show registrants. Information regarding cancellation fees and refunds can be found in the description of each activity when registering.