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Board of Directors

Across Tampa Bay, private sector to non-profit, our volunteer board of directors guides the Girl Scout Movement here in west central Florida. In addition to seven executive officers and 14 members at large, our board also includes two non-voting girl members in grades 9 – 12. We think that’s pretty cool. 

Girl Board Member Application

Application Deadline: December 31, 2016

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Board of Directors:

President:  Felecia Gilmore-Long

1st Vice President:   Marva Louisville

2nd Vice President:  Laura Webb

3rd Vice President:   Lavinia Vaughn

Secretary: Alison Fraga

Treasurer:   Denise Samson

CEO:   Jessica Muroff

Girl Members: Devon N. and Emma P.


Board Members at Large:

  • Maruchi Azorin

  • Alison Martin

  • Kay Gray

  • Stephanie Owens

  • Renee Dabbs

  • Amy Hudock

  • Marion Rich

  • Maria Eichelberger

  • H. Tyson Lykes II

  • Felicia Harvey

  • Kelly Flannery

  • Carolyn Hill

  • Abby Mackness