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How Does My Girl Scout Get Started?
 During the month of August-September girls and parents will be introduced to the program by their Troop Fall Product Manager. They will need to attend a girl & parent meeting, sign permission form and receive their materials to participate in the program. 

How do friends and family order? Beginning September 15 be prepared to hear from your local Girl Scouts who will have in hand the order form for nuts and candy.

Beginning October 1 girls can begin to sell using the QSP Online site (via the image link below) through November 13, 2017.  (The link below has now been deactivated, as the deadline has passed.)


Girls should send out their emails to friends and family who live outside the girl's area to promote the Magazines & Nuts online program. Customers can order from the online site and their products will be mailed directly to them and the customer will be responsible for delivery fees. (No girl delivery.)

If your daughter’s troop decides not to participate but your Girl Scout wants to, she can participate in the Mags and More program starting Oct. 1st. Contact your Troop leader for details.


2017 Dates to Remember

September 2017

September 15, 2017 Fall product program begins for Paper Nut Order card ONLY

October 2017

October 1, 2017 Online Magazines and more ordering begins


October 23, 2017 (EXTENDED!) Nuts & Candy paper order form period ends

November 2017

November 11-13 Nut deliveries are held for troops to pick up orders


November 13, 2017  Fall product program ends for Magazine and more ONLINE orders


Nov 14 – Dec 13, 2017  Girls begin to deliver orders, collect money and turn in to troop product manager

Sell to friends and family near and far using our easy online or in-person sales tools!





Nut-E (eLearning on-demand webinar)

Troop Fall Product Manager on-demand webinar

Please note that these training webinars work best if viewed from Internet Explorer Browser, and due to the file size may take a moment to load. Please use your computers speakers or headphones, and be sure to click to advance the slides. 

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