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Magazines, Nuts & Candy

2016 Fall Product Program Dates
  • September 16 Fall Product Program begins with paper nut/candy order card
  • October 1 Online magazines, photo keepsakes and online nut sale begins
  • October 19 Fall Product Program ends for both paper order card and online
  • November 12 – 14 Nut/candy deliveries occur to assigned Service Units

The Fall Product Program is one of two Girl Scouts of West Central Florida-sponsored programs that combine educational activities with money earning opportunities for troops. 

Magazines, Nuts, Candy and Photo Keepsakes are offered in the fall product program. This annual fundraiser helps girls develop 5 key skills that they will use throughout their lives: goal setting, decision-making, business ethics, people skills and money management.


Our Magazines & Nuts/Candy Sale Runs Every Fall

Girl Scout families and friends can support a girl’s troop by renewing their favorite magazines, subscribing to new ones, ordering nuts and/or candy, and new this year – ordering Photo Keepsakes like photo albums and calendars. 


Why Join in the Fun?

The average troop earns nearly $250 in start-up money to fund troop activities that get their year started right! Plus, the items make cool holiday and teacher gifts. 


More information?          

Please email our product sales staff team if you would like to get have questions about participating in the Magazines & Nuts/Candy sale.

Overall Top Seller for the 2015 Fall Product Program is Madison S. of Troop 14206 in Trailblazers community! This is Madison's second year in a row as top seller - wow! Congratulations!

5,376 Thank You Nuts were sold by girls this year. 

801 girls earned the Project Thank You Patch for selling at least 4 nut items.

Congratulations to our top sellers from each service unit! Each girl will receive a special gift for their awesome sale.

Check out all the 2015 Top Sellers here.